Indo-Suriname Chamber of Commerce
Jules Wijdenbosch Bridge - Suriname River
Indo-Suriname Chamber of Commerce
Jules Wijdenbosch Bridge - Night View
Indo-Suriname Chamber of Commerce
Brokopondo River
Indo-Suriname Chamber of Commerce
Ruddy Ground Doves
Indo-Suriname Chamber of Commerce
Sunset Shine Over Water
Indo-Suriname Chamber of Commerce
Paramaribo Waterfront
Indo-Suriname Chamber of Commerce
Suriname Independence Day - Human Flag

Welcome to Indo-Suriname Chamber of Commerce...!

Indo-Suriname Chamber of Commerce provides a dynamic link for the promotion of commercial and economic relationship between India and Suriname. An active forum for Indian Businessmen who have close contacts with the Suriname, the Chamber constantly strives to identify new areas of mutual co-operation and ensures the smooth flow of trade, investments, joint ventures and technology.

Where is Suriname?

The Republic of Suriname is the smallest sovereign state in South America. The country is located in northern South America. It has an estimated population of 535000 (UN, as of 2013). The country's name is believed to be derived from a Taino group called Surinen, who first inhabited the region.

What is the economy of Suriname like?

Bauxite industry dominates the economy of the country. It comprises more than 15% of the GDP and 70% of export earnings. The estimated GDP of the country is 4.794 billion dollars. Rice, bananas, and shrimp are other main exports. The economy of the country is dependent on commerce. Its main trade partners are Netherlands, United States, Canada and Caribbean countries.

Suriname Tourism

Suriname has great tourism potential in its nature. It is a beautiful country filled with beautiful tourism destinations for both the eco- tourist and family vacations. Among other things, it offers a virgin tropical rain forest, with rich flora and fauna. Villages of the Amerindians and Maroons in the interior are very interesting sights for tourists. The Central Suriname Nature Reserve (1998) is one of the largest nature reserves, and quite possibly the single most pristine tropical forest protected area on Earth.

Tourism in Suriname remains adventurous because it has not been spoiled by the pollution of the modern world. Located in the northern part of South America between Guyana and French Guyana and neighboring in the south to the gigantic Amazon rain forest and Brazil , Suriname is an ideal hub to exploring the "The beating heart of the Amazon". Rivers, Creeks, Rapids, Waterfalls, Rivers, Mountains, Plants, Trees, Flowers and an enormous amount of animal species blend into a paradise on earth, waiting to be explored. With Eco tourism being in an upraise, Suriname tourism is rapidly adapting its way of life to accommodate the growing number of tourist visiting our country each year.

Suriname Attractions